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The Agency

About us

... crossover & more ...

Welcome to our crossover music agency, where we fuse together different genres and styles to create unique and captivating music experiences.


We specialize in bringing together diverse musicians and artists to collaborate and create something new and exciting. Whether it's blending classical music with hip-hop, or mixing jazz with electronica, we believe that the possibilities are endless when it comes to crossing musical boundaries.


Our mission is to showcase the power of collaboration and push the limits of what is possible in the world of music. So come join us on this musical journey and let's explore the infinite possibilities of crossover music together!

Main values

Our guidance

... how we do it ...

Our values are those deeply-held beliefs and principles that guide our thoughts, actions, and behaviors, influencing how we interact with our customers and audience. They serve us that moral compass, which is shaping our decisions and helping us to define what is important and meaningful in our job.

Who we are

The Team

The HEUREKA Music Agency team has been working for international clients and partners since 2010. During this time, we have provided bands for more than 1500 events, festivals and private parties and organized more than 500 self-organized concerts, from large arena events to solo gigs.


We have led tours from New York to Beijing, and our orchestras and artists have performed on the world's greatest stages. 


If you're looking for something truly special, you've come to the right place! Choose from our ready-made productions or dream big and we'll make it happen!


CEO & Creative Director

Nikolett MARTYIN
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